Yellow Ads are a Complete Waste of Money for this Lockout Locksmith Service

So you’re at the local mall and, finished with your shopping, you get back to your car only to discover that your keys are locked inside. What will you do next? Walk back to the mall and hope to find the customer service desk (if they still have one of those) and a phone book (if they still have one of those)?

Of course not! If you’re like almost everyone else on the planet, you have a smart phone. If not, you will see someone walking by with one of these devices and ask for help. You will then use the Google app to search for one of the following: “Locksmith” “locked out” “keys in car” “unlock car” … you get the picture. And it doesn’t have to be at the mall. Even at your home or business, you will more than likely step over the phone book to get on the computer or smart phone and search Google for help.

Sorry Yellow, that’s just the way it is, at least for this lockout locksmith business, where our customers are in an emergency situation of sorts. They need help and they need it NOW. For other businesses, this may not necessarily be the case. I have a friend, for instance, who runs a computer repair service. He still does get a good bit of business from the phone books which makes sense, as when your computer doesn’t work and you may have to RESORT to finding and using a phone book. But other than a few rare examples (and old-school holdouts), these books continue to be on the way out and a complete waste of money for advertisers.

Still, to their dying breath, Yellow will argue that these books still have a great ROI and offer other marketing programs that are most beneficial… like their app! Really? I have NEVER had a customer tell me that they Googled “yellow pages” first and then searched for and found us there. Sorry, that just doesn’t happen. In the end, you have been caught sleeping at the techno-wheel and Google has taken all of your business and customers. Similar to other obsolete companies, like Kodak, you snoozed and you have completely lost your market dominance. Now go rest in peace.

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