Drivers Offer More Than Ride Sharing but are Service Providers Qualified and Insured?

Congrats to both HONK Technologies and on the successful launching of their roadside assistance service apps earlier this year!

Much like Uber and Lyft, both use similar platforms for a customer to request service, pay with a credit card and see the service provider heading their way to assist. But unlike ride-sharing, these providers require greater skills than just driving. Skills that include unlocking cars, changing tires and providing jump start services to every year, make and model vehicle, both foreign and domestic.

I know this because I work with both companies. I also know that not every service provider is qualified or even insured to perform this type of work, which could mean big problems if a job done incorrectly results in injury or even death. Spare tires not properly installed, car battery explosions, gas spills…. proper training and insurance coverage should be a mandatory requirement.

Many service provider companies have created a revolving door of unqualified and uninsured “independent contractors” answering their perpetual Craigslist ads. This most often results in poor quality workmanship and customer service. I tried that method long ago with the same frustrating results. It just doesn’t work! But what does work is when the actual service provider has a vested interest in the business, like a business owner… so that’s what I decided to do!

MrQuickPick helps Service Provider Entrepreneurs become Successful Business Owners as MrQuickPick Territory Licensees!

We were recently honored as one of seven veteran-owned companies from across the country to participate in a Tech Accelerator with Venture Hive and the city of Fort Walton Beach FL. We are currently working to scale our service nationally and launch our MrQuickPick Training and Support Centersoon after our Demo Day on November 10, 2015. We’ll begin training these service provider entrepreneurs in everything from changing tires to customer service… all the necessary skills to become successful business owners!

With a talent pool of over 250,000 service members transitioning from the military every year, our goal is to make this business-ownership opportunity available to all veterans across the country. This includes those with service-connected disabilities like myself. I have benign essential tremor (my hands shake) but I can perform these services as well as anyone. And as this is a home-based business, it is ideal for veterans that require the accessibility not found in many office settings.

MrQuickPick Business Opportunity

Check out the recent press release from Venture Hive and the city of Fort Walton Beach. We thank them both for this incredible opportunity!

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