An Open Invitation to Mobile Locksmiths and Roadside Service Providers

Greetings fellow Service Providers!

Are you tired of losing revenue to the online scammers? You know, the international “$19 plus labor” scam artists that fill the internet with their “bait and switch” tactics? Even more tired of wasting your money on pay-per-click ads, trying to compete on your own as a local “mom and pop”? Well so was I!

I’m Jon Taylor, founder of the MrQuickPick “Lock and Road Service” brand. I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know… Once the phone books disappeared, the scammers took over internet marketing, literally popping up overnight! And while they may not know much about locksmithing, they are seasoned professionals when it comes to web design, online search, algorithms and Google Adwords. And by robbing our former customers with their exorbitant fees, they now have even more funds to continue and increase their bogus advertising online. It’s a vicious cycle and one that needs to end now!

That’s why I started the MrQuickPick brand!

“Add Our Trusted Brand Name to Yours!”

If you are looking to get back in the competition and reclaim your customers, consider branding with MrQuickPick to inexpensively market your mobile locksmith or roadside service business with our reputable, national trade name. Here are Five Solid Reasons why MrQuickPick is the brand you will want to join forces with (while your territory is still available!). 

  1. First and foremost… It’s all about the Marketing! Yellow pages are extinct. Google Search loves“brands and branding” and MrQuickPick is the fastest growing national brand in the mobile locksmith and roadside services industry. The local “mom and pop” business going it alone quickly gets lost online. We currently have over 80 territory licensees “branding together” nationally and we’re adding more every day! 
  2. You’ll be provided with the same logos, images, jingles and videos that every other licensee is now customizing to market the MrQuickPick brand in their territories… all across the country. We’re also working with our military veterans in transition, even some with service-connected disabilities, to start and operate their very own “lock and road service” right in their own hometowns. As a Navy veteran myself, I truly believe once America finds out veterans are unlocking cars, why would they call anyone else?
  3. MrQuickPick Territory Licensees inherit our bragging rights… three Member’s Choice Awards from AAA for outstanding customer service and our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). More than just a catchy name, we’re a real company building our national reputation for honest, quality service since 2006.
  4. Each MrQuickPick licensee has an exclusive territory… approximately 25-30 miles north, south, east and west of their base city, that is “your’s and your’s alone” to do business as (dba) MrQuickPick (Only one licensee per territory).
  5. As a veteran-owned company, we are committed to providing business ownership opportunities to all veterans, including those with service-connected disabilities.

MrQuickPick is rapidly expanding across the country, becoming the reputable brand of choice for those wanting to start their own mobile locksmith service business or for existing companies ready to inexpensively license their territory and market themselves with our respected national name. 

More information about our licensing agreement can be found on our website and in our book: 

MrQuickPick’s 1-2-3 Business Plan to Unlocking Cars for Profit! The Step-by-Step Guide to Make Money Now as a Mobile Locksmith and Roadside Services Provider.

We are a group of professionals “branding” together to become the most respected and recognized name in the mobile locksmith and roadside service industry.

MrQuickPick… “Opening Doors for Entrepreneurs!”