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We’ve all done it … locked our keys in the car, needed a jump start, run out of gas! Every hour of every day someone, somewhere needs assistance. But who will they call? The local “mom and pop”? The “bait and switch” scam artists? We are MrQuickPick! Experienced professionals “branding” together to become the most respected and recognized name in the car unlocking and roadside assistance business. The founder, a US Navy veteran, started his first MrQuickPick lockout and roadside assistance business in 2006 and quickly expanded the brand to dozens of cities. Join forces now with one of the fastest growing names in the industry! MrQuickPick is a three-time winner of the prestigious Member’s Choice Award and maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Our Management Team

Jon Taylor Founder / CEO

U.S. Navy Vetaran Communications and Marketing

Misty Taylor
Misty Taylor President / COO

25 Years Education Experience Strategic Planning, Training and Development

Meet Jon Taylor, founder of Quick Pick Lockout Service and MrQuickPick Lock & Road Service. A former Marriott hotel manager, Jon would often assist his guests with their automotive needs, calling on auto clubs to help with a tire change, dead battery or keys locked in a car. Sometimes it would take so long for help to arrive that he would simply grab some tools and do the job himself. That’s when he realized he could put his own business savvy and military work ethic into starting and running his own “lock & road” service.

His company, Quick Pick Lockout Service, would gross over half a million dollars in it’s first three years and, in the process, win the prestigious “Member’s Choice Award” for three consecutive years. What started as a small business venture unlocking cars with a friend quickly turned into a multi-state enterprise!

He has since taken this model for success and helped numerous others (including disabled veterans, like himself) get into business for themselves as MrQuickPick licensees within their own hometowns. Now MrQuickPick take’s you step-by-step through the entire process, covering everything from the tools and training to the successful marketing plan that enables this lean business model to thrive for practically anyone, anywhere!

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