Uber drivers are doing these 5 things to turn “ride-sharing” gig into a home-based business empire!

If you’re a ride-share driver for Uber or Lyft … Congratulations! You are among the ranks of thousands of home-based business owners across the country. While some drivers are just looking for a little extra spending money, others are relying on this gig as their primary source of income and many more aspire to quit their “regular” job and work from home full time. What’s stopping you? You’re already using your personal vehicle, insurance, gas and cell phone, not to mention your time waiting for the next job. Why not take your business volume and revenue to a completely different level…

Check out these five simple steps to turning that part-time gig into a full blown business:

  1. Buy a gas can. That’s right, go to Wal-Mart www.walmart.com and spend $8 on a 2.5 gallon gas can and carry it the trunk of your car. You have now added “gas delivery” to your service offerings.
  2. Buy jumper cables. Once again, you can pick up a good set of cables locally. I would suggest heavy-duty, 25’ long cables or even a jump box. Now you’ve added “battery jump start” service.
  3. Buy a 4-way lug wrench ($10), a small 2.5 ton floor jack ($40), wheel chocks ($5) and gloves. This will take just a little more time and sweat equity but now you’ve added “tire change” service.
  4. Buy a car lockout kit ($60). What? You don’t know how to unlock a car… No problem! It’s easy, it’s fun and it’s very lucrative to add to your offerings. Simple to learn and unregulated in most states. With some basic tools and a little practice you’ve now added “car unlocking” service.
  5. Brand your home-based business inexpensively with MrQuickPick®. Now that Google search has replaced phone-book ads, branding is more important than ever! Sign up with the major auto clubs and “do business as” MrQuickPick® to provide jump starts, gas delivery, tire changes and auto lockouts for their members in your area. Advertise as MrQuickPick® locally, online and B2B, to make additional revenue providing residential and commercial services. We’ll even promote your business location nationally with a customized page on our MrQuickPick® website. For more information call 1-800-391-7842 or visit http://www.MrQuickPick.com.

You’re already using your own car, insurance and cell phone, driving around town waiting for the next job. Let us help you take your home-based business to the next level! Contact us today for more details. MrQuickPick® is proudly rated A+ with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).