MrQuickPick Roadside Assistance Entrepreneurs

Mr.QuickPick Lock and Road Service is on a mission to helping qualified roadside assistance professionals become successful business owners! (as opposed to low-paid “independent contractors” for large dispatch companies).

Roadside assistance is a $10 billion per year industry and while some of the new app-based auto clubs are doing a great job of “disrupting the industry” there remains a huge problem… poor quality service, resulting in negative customer reviews.

Since no one cares more about the customer than the business owner our solution is a simple one:

Make qualified service providers into the business owners!

We provide the same tools, training and “business model for success” currently being used by dozens of Mr.QuickPick licensees across the country. We’ve been awarded the Member’s Choice Award three times and have earned an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

There are currently no other franchises or reputable, national companies offering business ownership opportunities to roadside assistance professionals.

Our next step is to secure strategic partnerships in the areas of franchising and training platform development for VA, GI Bill and Vocational Rehabilitation program certification.

Mr.QuickPick… “Opening Doors for Roadside Assistance Entrepreneurs”!

As a veteran-owned company, we are committed to providing business ownership opportunities to all veterans, including those with service-connected disabilities. The owner is a US Navy veteran with a service-connected disability.