Business Owners: Does your customer service start and stop at the front door? Don’t forget the parking lot!

Scenario 1: Your customer had a great dining experience at your restaurant. The food was great and the service was exceptional. They leave a big tip! Five minutes later they return, having locked their keys in their car and ask for help. You search for a locksmith online and call the “$15 service” listing on top. A few days later you see your newest review online, “I got ripped off by the locksmith they recommended.” Turns out the “locksmith” you called was a scam artist who charged them $315… in YOUR parking lot!

Before I started MrQuickPick Lock and Road Service, I was a manager and long time employee of Marriott. Always trying to stay a step ahead of the competition, we’d spend thousands of dollars and countless hours “thinking outside of the box”, putting together special teams and projects to “impress the guest” at whatever cost. Marriott has always been one of the best in the business when it comes to customer service and these strategies and thought processes are more important now than ever in this new world of instant online reviews. So I ask you… does your customer service include the parking lot? Let me explain…

One of the more frustrating things that can happen to YOUR customers in YOUR parking lot is for them to have an issue with their vehicle, and it probably happens more often than you realize: a dead battery, flat tire, keys locked inside. Some of your customers may already have a roadside assistance plan and will call for service on their own… no problem (or opportunity) there. On the other hand, many of your customers have opted out of these often-expensive plans, especially the younger “Millennials” who say they do not want to pay for something they may never need.

These customers will more than likely make their way back into your establishment, now looking for assistance with something that probably has nothing to do with your business; something out of the norm for your employees and their well-rehearsed book of “standard operating procedures.” Tempted to hand them a phone book (what’s a phone book?) or help them search online for assistance? Roll the dice and take a chance that the company you call is legitimate, insured, professional and represents the same customer service standards you’ve spent so much time, training and money perfecting?

Scenario 2: Your customers had a great shopping experience in your new store. The employees were attentive and the service was exceptional. One customer even thanks you as they leave. Five minutes later they return, having locked their keys in their car and ask for help. You immediately call (or text) your local MrQuickPick service provider. You already know they will arrive quickly and offer the same customer service as that of you and your employees. This potentially negative experience soon turns positive and they share a recommendation of your establishment with their friends on social media.

It is YOUR parking lot after all and that is YOUR customer. Nothing worse than your hard work and your customer’s great experience suddenly ruined by something you left to chance in your own parking lot. On the contrary, a good leader knows that this is simply another opportunity to shine; a chance to show everyone else what “outside the box” thinking really looks like! Why not be prepared for the inevitable by having your local MrQuickPick on speed dial.

We offer a special discounted rate just for having us as your preferred “fast and friendly” service provider. Registration is free and no parking lot is too large or small! Email to register your company and receive local service dispatch number and special discounted rate info.